About us

We don’t talk but prototype.
That’s what keeps us and our clients ahead of the game.

Capitola is an innovation driven digital agency. We are coders and creatives who specialize in blending creativity and technology to create a seamless consumer experience.


2017 will be the year that Virtual Reality is widely available for consumers on multiple levels. Capitola goes beyond standard virtual development…
As soon as the Oculus Rift Dev Kit 1 came out, we started experimenting with the technology. Today a team of 20 designers and developers are working continuously on exploring the possibilities with VR and developing campaigns for our clients. Besides 360 video we create fully immersive and interactive 3D gyroscopically worlds. Both from a creative technical and a marketing point of view. Visit our VR section and see our work here.


We work on a large variety of projects. We develop full 360 campaigns but also work on individual digitally focussed projects. This varies from hybrid apps to campaign websites and immersive virtual reality projects.


Capitola / Amsterdam

Keizersgracht 205 - 1016 DS Amsterdam - +31 20 845 2965 - +31 6 812 081 05 - info@capitola.nl

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