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Rembrandt Reality AR app

The award-winning Rembrandt Reality app lets you travel back in time to the year 1632. After entering Amsterdam’s anatomical theatre, you get to look over Rembrandt’s shoulder and see how Dr. Tulp and his fellow physicians examine the body of the executed criminal Aris Kindt.


The app tells you the stories behind the painting. Did you know for example that in real life, Kindt’s corpse only had one hand? Or the Rembrandt made the painting when he was only 25? Download the Rembrandt Reality app for Android or iOS to find out all sorts of interesting facts about this masterpiece.


Make art more accessible for a younger audience by having them experiencing art from their mobile phone.

  • Design

    UI/UX design, Art Direction, 3D animation & modeling, 3D scanning

  • Client

    Nationale Nederlanden


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