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A digital agency with coders and creatives

Curious to know more about Capitola? We are an innovation-driven digital agency with 10 years of experience in crafting immersive experiences. We merge design and technology, resulting in a fresh view of creativity. With a background in advertising, the Capitola team knows how to combine storytelling and technology related to AR and VR. To ensure we stay ahead of the digital game, we travel the world for the latest insights in our field. 


Capitola’s Digital Solutions 

What does Capitola create? All digital solutions are possible, as long as it is immersive and innovative. Our team is specialised in the technology of Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality. No matter the situation, we will find a digital solution. Part of our team are creatives, developers, 3D-artists and designers, who work closely together to create an optimal digital product using innovative technology. Check out our projects, with custom made products or our ready made products that can be tailored to your wishes. 


Way of Work at Capitola 

Because we work with complex technologies like AR and VR, we understand that our clients want to be aligned in every phase of the project. Therefore we follow a prototype-way-of-work. Enabling clients to test and experience their digital product already in an early stage. This leads to close and fruitful partnerships between our partners and us. Find our overview of Projects, 


Looking for reviews of our Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions? Let us know and we’ll get you in contact with one of our clients. Get in contact to know more about Capitola. 

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