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Through a victim’s eye

Within the public prosecution service, there is an increasing attention for victim perception in judging criminal cases by the judiciary. In order to allow the judges to experience what it means to be robbed, Capitola developed a training in which the user experiences first-hand how a robbery feels and what the side effects are. In order to gain insights of the experience and the impact on the victim’s life. During the development and deepening of the script, 3D prototypes were made weekly to pre-test the experience. In this case our clients were able to wear VR glasses at an early stage. With a 3D setting and 3D characters they got a feel for the story, the timing and the impact. The advantage of this is that 90% of the product is optimized and approved before the actual shoot.

The VR simulation is currently being used during meetings within the public prosecution service as part of the preparation and training of the judiciary.


Use Virtual Reality to increase the impact of immersive video and place yourself in a victim to understand and feel the situation.

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    Ministry of Justice


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